Pranava Group Offers Biophilic-Inspired Homes for Residential Living

Pranava Group Offers Biophilic-Inspired Homes for Residential Living

Design and architecture aren't just about how things look; they're about how we make ourselves feel. They're about creating spaces that cater to our physical, mental, and emotional needs. For Pranava Group, it's about bringing the beauty of nature into our everyday lives through biophilic-inspired homes.

Biophilia, at its core, is the idea that humans have an innate connection with nature. It's in our nature to love and enjoy living things. This idea is familiar; great psychologists like Erich Fromm and Edward O. have been discussing it for ages. But for the Pranava Group, it's more than just a theory—it's a guiding principle.

Pranava Group prides itself in creating and delivering state-of-the-art residential and commercial spaces that leave you spellbound. Pranava’s One Hyderabad is planned, designed and developed to work in harmony with nature and with minimal impact.

Biophilic-Inspired Homes at Pranava’s One Hyderabad

With changing tastes, there is a growing demand for a greener outlook in today's rapidly evolving world, transforming the concept of luxury into a sustainable one that gives back to nature.

Pranava’s One Hyderabad is ideally situated in the heart of the city, offering easy access to malls, hospitals, and prominent landmarks. Surrounded by a picturesque lake and Somajiguda, this area is rapidly becoming a prime investment destination for entrepreneurs, seasoned professionals, and businesspeople. The biophilic-inspired homes by Pranava Group integrate nature with urban living, promoting well-being and creating a serene environment. Enjoy a pollution-free lifestyle amidst nature, fostering a perfect work-life balance at Pranava’s One Hyderabad.

Rethinking the Urban Living

At Pranava’s One Hyderabad, we have embraced Biophilia as a core belief. This philosophy has sparked a renaissance in the construction and architectural industries, with wellness and sustainable design practices taking the forefront. Our commitment to this cause is unwavering, as we understand the importance of reconnecting with nature in an increasingly indoor world.

Importance of Pranava’s Green Marvel

Natural Temperature Control:

  • Facade lined with clay mud brick to naturally reduce temperatures
  • Adds value to the structure

Optimised Ground Coverage:

  • Only 29% ground coverage
  • 71% of open spaces are dedicated to sprawling greens

Aesthetic Vertical Garden:

  • Vertical garden spanning 75 meters in height
  • Enhances the beauty of this eco-friendly marvel
  • IGBC Platinum pre-certified

Community Farming at Pranava’s One Hyderabad

The very first of its kind, Pranava's residential features designed step gardens. Embrace community farming and grow your favourite vegetables and fruits within your apartment, combining convenience and sustainable living.


Pranava’s One Hyderabad is not just a testament to the harmonious blend of nature and modern living but also a dream of living in biophilic-inspired homes. With unique features like community farming, designed step gardens, and a focus on sustainable practices, Pranava Group ensures that residents enjoy a healthier, greener lifestyle. Choose Pranava for a living experience where nature is at your doorstep and luxury meets sustainability. Experience the unique benefits of Pranava’s One Hyderabad and make it your home.