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About Us

At Pranava Group, we believe in raising the bar. In everything we do in the real estate business, we endeavor to excel - whether it is in the location we select, the blueprint we draw up, or the landscaping we do. We are uncompromising in the amenities we offer and the timelines we maintain. That ensures that every project executed by the Pranava Group is best-in-class.

The idea is to walk the extra mile for our clients and read their pulse. After a careful analysis of current market trends, we create innovative concepts and solutions that answer the customer’s needs.



Company Name – PRANAVA GROUP
Founder – Mr. Boorugu Ravi Kumar
Founded – 2003



Mr. Boorugu Ravi Kumar, founder of the Pranava Group has single-handedly steered the group to its current growth curve. His commitment to quality and timely delivery has garnered enviable trust and goodwill for the company.

We plan all sections of the project with our specialists before starting the construction, review the project documentation of outside organizations and act as curator and executive-in-charge. Our engineers are able to design and implement homes of any complexity and scale.

Supporting Ravi is a committed and professional team of experienced engineers and Project Managers who work closely with a coterie of handpicked consultants to successfully fulfill the company’s vision and goals.

The group has successfully completed 11 residential and 3 commercial projects spanning up to 18,30,776 Sft of area.


The Principles That Light Our Path

APPROACH - We have a futuristic approach in design, architecture, space planning, and finish. A mix of reason and passion guides our decisions, ultimately working to the benefit of our customers.

BELIEF - We believe that living space or workspace has a strong connection with nature and emotions. We respect both, and attempt to elevate the way people grow, love, live, work and play.

DESIGN - We design for our customer’s best interests. Our sensibilities blend with the play of sunshine and breeze, indoors and outdoors, privacy and togetherness. Meticulous space planning is a highlight of every home we craft.

SUSTAINABILITY - To us, a sustainable lifestyle is at the core. Our projects are built for the future and offer timeless value. Every action we take is guided by an eco-friendly ethos and integrates nature into daily life.

GROWTH - Growth is not just vertical and horizontal; it is an internal expression. We grow every day by learning, revising, doing, and undoing. A study of technologies, economic choices, materials, facilities keeps us updated and open-minded.

ETHICS - Integrity is a vital part of our corporate profile. We are transparent in our dealings, avoid loose ends and fine print, and hold the customer’s trust in the highest esteem. Our value system is our fuel.

TECHNOLOGY - Pranava Group is one of the early adopters of Technology like Construction Management, Project Management, and Customer Relations software to manage every aspect of construction be it scheduling, field reporting, or back-office management for better communication and collaboration.



- To reflect our values and ethics and dedication towards our work by the number of successful projects and our clients.

- Make choices to promote universal good and increase the standard and beauty of space.

- To be able to tune into the client’s feelings, thoughts, and daily context. To ask good questions and listens keenly. Able to understand and visualize their dream space.

- Balance dedication towards clients with objectivity and independence.

- Respecting the individuality of every project the design, study, analysis, choices.

- Visualize and reimagine what is possible.